When a perpetual inventory system is in use, all additions and reductions are monitored in the inventory T-account. Thus, theoretically, the balance found in that general ledger account at any point in time will be identical to the merchandise physically on hand. In actual practice, recording mistakes as well as losses such as theft and breakage create some (hopefully small) discrepancies. Consequently, even with a perpetual system, the inventory records must be reconciled occasionally with the items actually present to reestablish accuracy. In a perpetual inventory system, the maintenance of a separate subsidiary ledger showing data about the individual items on hand is essential. On February 28, 2009, Best Buy reported inventory totaling $4.753 billion. However, the company also needs specific information as to the quantity, type, and location of all televisions, cameras, computers, and the like that make up this sum. That is the significance of a perpetual system; it provides the ability to keep track of the various types of merchandise.
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Below are the journal entries that Ridet Inc.sporting goods company) makes for its purchase of a bicycle to sell (Model XY-7) if a perpetual inventory system is utilized. A separate subsidiary ledger file (such as shown previously) is also established to record the quantity and cost of the specific items on hand. The assumption is made here that the transportation and assembly charges are paid in cash. Furthermore, the actual purchase is initially on credit with payment made during the ten-day discount period. The bicycle is recorded at $250 and then reduced by $5 at the time the discount is taken. This approach is known as the “gross method of reporting discounts.” As an alternative, companies can choose to anticipate taking the discount and simply make the initial entry for the $245 expected payment. This option is referred to as the “net method of reporting discounts.”
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