Potentially, many benefits can accrue from obtaining shares of the stock issued by a business. The method of financial reporting applied by the owner depends on the purpose for holding such investments. Thus, the accounting process here is unique. The reporting of most assets does not vary significantly because of the rationale for making the purchase and retaining the property. In contrast, information about the ownership of the stock of another company is presented according to one of several methods based solely on the reason for the investment. Companies frequently find that they are holding excess cash not needed at the moment for operating purposes. Traditional savings accounts or money market funds offer very low returns for this money. Company officials often seek a greater profit by using surplus cash to buy the ownership shares of other organizations. The hope is that the market price of these shares will appreciate in value and/or dividends will be received before the money is needed for operations. Such investments can be held for a few days (or even hours) or many years. Although earnings can improve through this strategy, the buyer does face additional risk. Share prices do not always go up; they can also decline resulting in losses for the investor.
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As a trading security, a sale is anticipated in the near term. The owner does not plan to hold the stock for a long period of time. Further changes in value can certainly take place but are less likely to be severe. The shortness of time prevents many radical fluctuations in value after the balance sheet date. At year-end, this investment (as a trading security) will be reported on the investor’s balance sheet at its fair value of $28,000. On the income statement, both the dividend revenue of $200 and the unrealized gain of $3,000 are shown as increases in net income. If, instead, the fair value at year-end had been only $21,000, a $4,000 unrealized loss will appear on Valente’s income statement to reflect the decline in value ($25,000 historical cost dropping to $21,000 fair value).
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