For these receivables, the auditor could carry out several testing procedures to gain the assurance needed. Such techniques might include the following: Add the individual account balances to ascertain that the total really is $12.7 million. Examine sales documents for a sample of individual customers to determine that the amounts sold are equal to the figures listed within the receivable. For example, if the sales document indicates that Mr. A bought goods at a price of $1,544 is that same dollar amount found in the company’s receivable balance? Examine cash receipts documents for a sample of customers to ensure that no unrecorded payments were collected prior to the end of the year. If Mr. A paid cash of $1, 544 on December 30, was the corresponding receivable balance reduced by that amount prior to the end of the year? Contact a sample of the customers directly to confirm that the balance shown is, indeed, appropriate. “Mr. A: Company records show that you owe $1,544. Is that amount correct?”
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Through these and other testing procedures, the auditor hopes to ascertain that $12.7 million is a fairly presented amount for this asset account. All other reported balances are also examined during the independent audit. The quantity and type of audit testing varies considerably based on the nature of the account. Looking at $12.7 million in receivables requires different steps than investigating a building bought for that same amount. Not surprisingly, large balances often require especially extensive testing. In addition, certain accounts (such as cash or inventory) where the risk of misstatement is particularly high draw particular attention from the independent auditors.
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