Accounting is sometimes referred to as the “language of business.” However, the goal of financial accounting has already been identified as the painting of a fairly presented portrait of an organization. Given the references throughout this chapter to painting, is accounting really a type of language? Is it possible for accounting to paint portraits and be a language? Answer: The simple answer to this question is that accounting is a language, one that enables an organization to communicate a portrait of its financial health and future prospects to interested parties by using words and numbers rather than oils or watercolors. That language becomes especially helpful when an organization faces the task of reporting complex uncertainties. Any language, whether it is English, Spanish, Japanese, or the like, has been developed through much use to allow for the effective transfer of information between two or more parties. If a sentence such as “I drive a red car” is spoken, communication occurs but only if both the speaker and the listener have an adequate understanding of the English language. Based solely on these five words, information can be passed from one person to the other. This process succeeds because English (as well as other languages) relies on relatively standardized terminology. Words like “red,” “car,” and “drive” have defined meanings that the speaker and the listener can each comprehend with a degree of certainty. In addition, grammar rules such as syntax and punctuation are utilized to provide a framework for the communication. Thus, effective communication is possible in a language when (1) set terminology exists and (2) structural rules and principles are applied.
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As will be gradually introduced throughout this textbook, financial accounting has its own terminology. Many words and terms (such as “KIFO” and “accumulated depreciation”) have very specific meanings. In addition, a comprehensive set of rules and principles has been established over the decades to provide structure and standardization. They guide the reporting process so that the resulting information will be fairly presented and can be readily understood by all interested parties, both inside and outside the organization.
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