An immediate question is obvious: If not presented on the income statement, how is the $3,000 unrealized gain in the value of this investment shown by the owner? How are changes in the value of available-for-sale securities reported? Answer: Because no sale is expected in the near term, the fair value of available-for-sale shares will possibly go up and down numerous times before being sold. Hence, the current gain is not viewed as “sure enough.” As a result of this uncertainty, a change in the owner’s reported net income is not considered appropriate. Instead, any unrealized gain (or loss) in the value of an investment that is classified as available-for-sale is reported within the stockholders’ equity section on the balance sheet. The figure is listed either just above or below the retained earnings account. A few other unrealized gains and losses are handled in this manner and are usually combined and reported as “other accumulated comprehensive income.”
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Having put the unrealized gain into stockholders’ equity in Year One means that the change in value only touches net income when sold. However, mechanical complexities now exist. The investment has been adjusted to a $28,000 carrying amount and a $3,000 unrealized gain is still reported within stockholders’ equity. As a balance sheet account, this $3,000 figure is not closed out at the end of Year One. When the investment is sold, both the $28,000 asset and the $3,000 unrealized gain must be removed. The net amount mirrors the $25,000 historical cost of these shares. By eliminating the previous gain in this manner, the asset is brought back to the original $25,000. Thus, the appropriate realized gain of $2,000 is recognized: the shares were bought for $25,000 and sold for $27,000
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