A periodic system only updates the general ledger when financial statements are prepared. The purchases figure has been maintained throughout the year in the general ledger to provide a record of the amounts expended for all normal and necessary costs (invoice price, discounts, transportation-in, assembly costs, and the like) needed to get the inventory items into position and condition to be sold. Ending inventory is found by making a new physical count at the end of the current period. The number of units on hand is determined (one, in this case) and then the cost of those items ($260) is used to arrive at the proper inventory total.
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In a perpetual inventory system, cost of goods sold is determined at the time of each sale. Figures retained in a subsidiary ledger provide the cost of the specific item being surrendered so that an immediate reclassification from asset to expense can be made. With a periodic system, cost of goods sold is not calculated until financial statements are prepared. The beginning inventory balance (the ending amount from the previous year) is combined with the total acquisition costs incurred this period. Merchandise still on hand is counted and its cost is determined. All missing inventory is assumed to reflect the cost of goods sold. When a periodic inventory system is in use, how are both the ending inventory and cost of goods sold for the year physically entered into the accounting records? These figures have not been recorded on an ongoing basis so the general ledger must be updated to agree with the reported balances.
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