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Financial accounting does not attempt to provide exact numbers because such accuracy is often impossible to achieve and not really required by decision makers. Instead, reported accounting information is intended to provide a likeness of an organization and its operations—a type of portrait. To achieve this goal, the balances and other data cannot contain any material misstatements. A misstatement is inaccurate information reported by accident (an error) or intentionally (fraud). Materiality refers to the point at which the size or the nature of such misstatements would cause a change in the decisions made by an individual using that information. If all material misstatements can be eliminated, interested parties should be able to use the information to make considered decisions.
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Absolute accuracy is not necessary in order to estimate future stock prices, cash dividend payments, and cash flows. Thus,the concept of materiality as a standard guideline in reporting information is obviously quite important. However, financial accounting figures can still be exact. If a cash register is bought for $830.00, the cost is exactly $830.00. Even if not necessary, what prevents reported financial information from being precise? Answer: In truth, a reasonable percentage of the numbers reported in financial accounting are exact. Materiality is not an issue in such cases. The cash register mentioned here will have a reported cost of $830.00—a precise measure of the amount paid. Likewise, a cash balance shown as $785.16 is exact to the penny. However, many of the other occurrences that must be reported by an organization do not lend themselves to such accuracy. The primary reason that precision is not a goal—or often not even a possibility—in financial accounting can be summed up in a single word: uncertainty. Many of the events encountered every day by an organization contain some degree of uncertainty. Unfortunately, no technique exists to report uncertain events in precise terms.
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