That is a misconception. Financial accounting attempts to paint a fairly presented portrait of a company’s overall operations, financial condition, and cash flows. This objective includes the reporting of events where a final resolution might not occur for years. Here are just a few examples of the kinds of uncertainty that virtually every business (and financial accountant) faces in reporting financial information. A company is the subject of a lawsuit. Perhaps a customer has filed this legal action claiming damage as a result of one of the company’s products. Such legal proceedings are exceedingly common and can drag on in the courts for an extended period of time before a settlement is reached. The actual amount won or lost (if either occurs) might not be known for years. What should the company report now? A sale of merchandise is made today for $300 with the money to be collected from the customer in several months. Until the cash is received, the organization cannot be sure of the exact amount that will be collected. What should the company report now? An employee is promised a cash bonus next year that will be calculated based on any rise in the market price of the company’s capital stock. Until the time passes and the actual increase (if any) is determined, the amount of this bonus remains a mystery. What should the company report now? A retail store sells a microwave oven today with a warranty. If the appliance breaks at any time during the next three years, the store has to pay for the repairs. No one knows whether the microwave will need to be fixed during this period. What should the company report now?
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Any comprehensive list of the uncertainties faced regularly by most organizations would require pages to enumerate. Because of the quantity and variety of such unknowns, exact precision simply cannot be an objective of financial reporting. For many accountants, dealing with so much uncertainty is the most interesting aspect of their job. Whenever the organization encounters a situation of this type, the accountant must first come to understand what has taken place and then determine a logical method to communicate a fair representation of that information within the appropriate framework provided by financial accounting. This is surely one of the major challenges of being a financial accountant.
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