A search is then made to identify all the individual assets and liabilities held by the subsidiary at that time. As discussed in the previous chapter, the parent recognizes all subsidiary assets (1) that provide contractual or legal rights or (2) in which the asset can be separated and then sold. Fair value is established and recorded for each as if the parent were acquiring them individually. A transaction has taken place that brings all of those subsidiary assets and liabilities under the control of the parent company. Consolidation values are reported as if they were bought separately by the parent. Also, as explained previously, if the acquisition price is more than the total fair value of all these identifiable assets and liabilities, the intangible asset goodwill is reported for the difference. As a going concern, a total value is usually attributed to a company that exceeds the individual values of its assets and liabilities. Having loyal customers and trained employees, for example, helps a company generate more profits than its assets could otherwise earn. When a company is being bought, such anticipated profitability usually leads to an increase in the negotiated price. This excess amount necessitates the recognition of goodwill on the consolidated balance sheet.
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In consolidating Giant and its subsidiary Tiny at the date of this acquisition, neither the subsidiary revenues of $800,000 nor its expenses of $500,000 are included. Their financial impact occurred prior to the takeover by Giant; those profits benefitted the previous owners. Therefore, only the revenues and expenses reported by Giant make up consolidated income statement totals determined on the day the parent acquires the subsidiary. At the same time, consolidated balance sheet totals will not show any “investment in Tiny Company” as in the other methods demonstrated above. Instead, Tiny’s land is added to Giant’s own totals at its $720,000 fair value. The trademark is consolidated at $210,000 to reflect the amounts paid by Giant to acquire ownership of the subsidiary. The note payable is added to the consolidated figures at $300,000, which was its fair value as well as its book value. Subsidiary assets and liabilities are included in consolidated totals as if purchased by the parent. Mechanically, a $320,000 increase is made to the land account while $210,000 is recorded to recognize the value of the trademark. The acquisition price of $900,000 paid by Giant exceeds the net value of the subsidiary’s identifiable assets and liabilities ($610,000) by $290,000. In consolidation, any excess acquisition payment is assumed to represent goodwill and is reported as an intangible asset.
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