Therefore, millions of individuals use reported financial information to assess various business organizations in order to make three predictions: Future stock market prices for the capital shares issued by the company. Future cash dividend distributions. Future ability to generate sufficient cash to meet debts as they mature The first two relate to investors in the capital stock of the company; the last is of more significance to a creditor.
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The term “financial information” comes up frequently in these discussions. What is meant by financial information? Answer: The financial information reported by and about an organization consists of data that can be measured in monetary terms. For example, if a building cost $4 million to acquire, that is financial information as is the assertion that a company owes a debt of $700,000 to a bank. In both cases, relevant information is communicated to decision makers as a monetary balance. However, if a company has eight thousand employees, that number might be interesting but it is not financial information. The figure is not a dollar amount; it is not stated in the form that is useful for decision-making purposes. Assuming that those workers were paid a total of $500 million during the current year, then that number is financial information because it is stated in terms of the money spent. Likewise, a men’s clothing store does not include in its financial information that it holds ten thousand shirts to be sold. Instead, the company reports that it currently owns shirts for sale (inventory) with a cost of, perhaps, $300,000. Or, after having sold these items to customers, the company could explain that it had made sales during the period for a total of $500,000.
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