Are you bothered by the fact that the financial information that is reported to you by a business is not terribly exact? KB: No reporting system can ever be exact and many estimates are necessary in reporting any business. Am I bothered by the lack of precision? No, not particularly. I will say, though, that I tend to avoid companies that have an excessive quantity of notes to their financial statements. Many of those companies can be extremely difficult to evaluate because of the complexity of their operations. I prefer businesses where the analysis is a bit simpler and I am able to gain a genuine understanding of what is happening. Question: When you begin to study the financial data reported by a company that you are analyzing as an investment possibility, which do you look at first: revenues, expenses, assets, or liabilities?
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For me, assets have always been the most important determination in the investments that I have chosen. However, that is because I have always been strictly a value investor. There are many different styles of investing. Value investors look at the value of a company’s assets and then look for bargains based on current market prices. In comparison, growth investors look at earnings momentum and don’t care too much about asset values. They like to see a consistent rise in profitability each year. Over the years, being a value investor has worked well for my clients and me. This is an opening chapter in an introductory financial accounting textbook. Definitions are somewhat simplified here so as to be more understandable to students who are just beginning their exploration of accounting. Many terms and definitions will be expanded in later chapters of this textbook or in upper-level accounting courses. Leasehold improvements represent the remaining cost of any structural changes that were made by the company to improve property that it was only renting and did not own. In many cases, for financing purposes and tax reasons, companies prefer to rent space—for example, in a shopping mall—rather than buy it. While renting, companies often spend significant amounts of money to adapt the facility to their own particular needs. This cost is reported as an asset because the changes will benefit the company in the future. In accounting, this asset is commonly known as a leasehold improvement.
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