SPECIFIC IDENTIFICATION. In a literal sense ,specific identification is not a cost flow assumption. Companies that use this approach are not making an assumption because they know which item was sold. By some technique, they are able to identify the inventory conveyed to the customer and reclassify its cost to expense. For some types of inventory, such as automobiles held by a car dealer, specific identification is relatively easy to apply. Each vehicle tends to be somewhat unique and can be tracked through identification numbers. Unfortunately, for many other types of inventory, no practical method exists for determining the physical flow of merchandise. Thus, if the men’s retail store maintains a system where the individual shirts are marked in some way, it will be possible to know whether the $50 shirt or the $70 shirt was actually conveyed to the customer. That cost can be moved from asset to expense. However, for identical items like shirts, cans of tuna fish, bags of coffee beans, hammers, packs of notebook paper and the like, the idea of maintaining such precise records is ludicrous. What informational benefit could be gained by knowing whether the first blue shirt was sold or the second? In most cases, the cost of creating such a meticulous record-keeping system far outweighs any potential advantages.
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FIRST-IN, FIRST-OUT (FIFO). The FIFO cost flow assumption is based on the premise that selling the oldest item first is most likely to mirror reality. Stores do not want inventory to grow unnecessarily old and lose freshness. The oldest items are often placed on top in hopes that they will sell first before becoming stale or damaged. Therefore, although the identity of the actual item sold is rarely known, the assumption is made in applying FIFO that the first (or oldest) cost is always moved from inventory to cost of goods sold. Note that it is not the oldest item that is necessarily sold but rather the oldest cost that is reclassified to cost of goods sold. No attempt is made to determine which shirt was purchased by the customer.
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