Sellers—such as Builder Company in this example—can offer a wide variety of discount terms to encourage speedy payment. One such as 2/10, n/45 is generally read “two ten, net 45.” It informs the buyer that a 2 percent discount can be taken if the invoice is paid by the tenth day. Any net amount that remains unpaid (after merchandise returns or partial cash payments) is due on the forty-fifth day. Rider has the option to pay $245 for the bicycle within ten days of receiving the invoice by taking advantage of the $5 discount ($250 × 0.02). Or the sporting goods company can wait until the forty-fifth day but then is responsible for the entire $250. Many companies automatically take advantage of these discounts as a matter of policy because of the high rate of interest earned. If Rider does not submit the money in ten days, it must pay an extra $5 in order to hold onto $245 for an additional thirty-five days. This delay equates to a 2.04 percent interest rate over just that short period of time ($5/$245 = 2.04 percent [rounded]). There are over ten thirty-five-day periods in a year. Paying the extra $5 is the equivalent of an annual interest rate in excess of 21 percent.
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In an earlier chapter, differences between a perpetual inventory system and a periodic inventory system were discussed briefly. A perpetual system—which frequently relies on bar coding and computer scanning—maintains an ongoing record of all items present. How is the recording of an inventory purchase carried out in a perpetual system?
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