Some students who read this textbook will eventually become accountants. Those individuals must learn the terminology, rules, and principles in order to communicate financial information about an organization that is fairly presented. Other students will become external decision makers. They will make loans, buy stock, grant credit, make employment decisions, provide investment advice, and the like. They will not present financial information with all of its uncertainties but rather make use of it. The more such individuals know about financial accounting terminology, rules, and principles, the more likely it is that they will make appropriate decisions. To communicate a portrait properly in any language, both the speaker and the listener must understand the terminology as well as the structural rules and principles. That holds even if the language is financial accounting.
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At any point in time, organizations face numerous uncertain outcomes, such as the settlement of litigation or the collection of a receivable. The conveyance of useful information about uncertain situations goes beyond the simple reporting of exact numbers. To convey a reasonable understanding of such uncertainty, financial accounting must serve as a language. Thus, it will have set terminology and structural rules much like that of any language.
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