Incorporation allows an organization to be viewed as a separate entity apart from its ownership. As a corporation, shares of capital stock can be issued that give the holder an ownership right. If the organization is financially healthy and prospering, these shares can increase in value—possibly by a significant amount. In addition, a profitable organization may well share its good fortune with the ownership through the distribution of cash dividends. In most large organizations, few owners want to be involved in the operational decision making. Instead, these stockholders elect a board of directors to oversee the company and direct the work of management. [1] Sole proprietorships and partnerships rarely sell capital shares. Without the legal authority of incorporation, a clear distinction between owner and business often does not exist. For example, debts incurred by the business may ultimately have to be satisfied by the owner personally. Thus, individuals tend to avoid making investments in unincorporated businesses unless they can be involved directly in the management. For that reason, active trading of partnership and proprietorship ownership interests is usually limited or nonexistent. One of the great advantages of incorporation is the ease by which capital stock can usually be exchanged. Investors frequently buy or sell such shares on stock exchanges in a matter of moments. However, partnerships and sole proprietorships still remain popular because they are easy to create and offer possible income tax benefits as will be discussed in a future chapter.
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Investors are interested (sometimes almost obsessively interested) in the financial information that is produced by a company based on the rules and principles of financial accounting. They want to use this information to make wise investing decisions.What do investors actually hope to learn about a company from this financial information? Answer: The information reported by financial accounting is similar to a giant, complex portrait painted of the organization. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of aspects that can be examined, analyzed, and evaluated in assessing the financial health and future prospects of the model. Theories abound as to which pieces of information are best to use when studying a business. One investor might prefer to focus on a particular portion of the data almost exclusively (such as profitability) while another may believe that entirely different information is most significant (such as the sources and uses of cash during the period).
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