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Do any similar vital signs exist for assets as a whole that decision makers typically use as part of an overall evaluation? Answer: A company controls a specific amount of assets. Most investors and other decision makers are interested in how effectively management was able to use these resources. Individuals who study companies search for signs that an appropriate level of income was generated from the assets on hand. Total asset turnover. Total asset turnover is one such figure. It simply indicates management’s efficiency at generating sales. Sales must occur before profits can be earned from normal operations. If assets are not well used to create sales, profits will probably never arise.
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A liability is an obligation owed to a party outside the reporting organization—a debt that can be stated in monetary terms. Liabilities normally require the payment of cash but may at times be settled by the conveyance of other assets or the delivery of services. Some reported liabilities are for definite amounts, although a number are no more than estimations. The distinction between current and noncurrent liabilities is a function of time. A debt that is expected to be satisfied within one year from the date of the balance sheet is classified as a current liability. [1]Amounts owed for rent, insurance, utilities, inventory purchases, and the like usually fall into this category. If payment will not be made until after that one-year interval, the liability is reported as noncurrent. Bonds and notes payable are common examples of noncurrent debts as are liabilities for employee pensions, long-term leases, and deferred income taxes. Current liabilities appear before noncurrent liabilities on a balance sheet.
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